A-PRINCE (에이프린스) was a five-member South Korean boy group under New Planet Entertainment. The group was originally known as Taken, which debuted in 2011. After member and label changes, the group re-debuted under its current name in 2012 with the single "You're the Only One" as a five-member group. They disbanded in 2015, with some of the remaining members re-debuting as M.A.P6 under DreamT.


  • Sung Won (성원) - leader, main vocals
  • Min Hyuk (민혁, formerly Da-On) - vocals, rap
  • Si Yoon (시윤) - vocals
  • Seung Jun (승준) - vocals
  • Woo Bin (우빈) - vocals


  • Tae Hyuk (태혁)
  • Seung Yul (승열)
  • Geon Woo (건우)
  • Yoo Jun (유준)



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Digital singles

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