APRIL (에이프릴) is a six-member girl group under DSP Media. They debuted on August 24, 2015 with the mini album Dreaming.


  • Chaekyoung (채경) - lead vocalist
  • Chaewon (채원) - main vocalist, rapper
  • Naeun (나은) - lead vocalist, visual
  • YeNa (예나) - main dancer, lead rapper, sub vocalist
  • Rachel (레이첼) - main rapper, lead dancer, sub vocalist
  • Jinsol (진솔) - main vocalist, rapper, maknae
  • Somin (소민) - leader, lead vocalist
  • HyunJoo (현주) - main dancer, vocalist


Mini albums

Single albums

Special albums


  • Their fan club name is "Fineapple", a combination of 'fine' (meaning good) and 'apple' (short for April).
  • Their mascot is "Sawori", a pineapple seed sprout.
  • They were known as the "DSP Girls" prior to the group's announcement.


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