BP RaNia (BP 라니아; also stylized as BP RANIA) is a seven-member girl group under DR Music. They debuted as RaNia with the song "Dr Feel Good" on April 6, 2011. Their name stands for Black Pearl Regeneration Idol of Asia.


  • Alex (알렉산)- leader, main rapper
  • Jieun (지은)- korean leader, main dancer, lead vocalist
  • Yumin (유민)- sub vocalist, visual
  • Zi.U (formerly Seulji (슬지))- lead vocalist, lead dancer
  • Ttabo (따보)- lead dancer, lead rapper, sub vocals
  • Hyemi (혜미) - main vocalist, maknae
  • Yijo (이조) - dancer
  • Joy (조이; Jutamas Wichai) - vocals, visual
  • Riko (리코) - lead vocals
  • Jooyi (주이) - leader, main vocals, lead rap
  • Di (디) - leader, sub-vocals, lead dance, lead rap
  • T-ae (티애) - main dance, lead vocals
  • Xia (시아) - main vocals, lead dance
  • Yina (이나; formerly Saem (샘))- sub vocals, sub rapper, first generation leader
  • Sarah (Wang Huizi)


Mini albums

Digital singles


  • Yina originally debuted in 2011 under the name Saem but left the group in late 2014 before returning as a member in late 2016.
  • Yina is the only remaining member from the group's original line-up.
  • Alex is the first African American member of a K-pop group.


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