Continue is the first best album by ZE:A. It was released on September 18, 2015 and is a collection of songs from the group's career from the past six years as well as a new song titled "Continue".

Track list

CD 1
  1. "Love Coach"
  2. "Mazeltov"
  3. "All Day Long (하루종일)"
  4. "Level Up (이별드립)"
  5. "Here I Am"
  6. "U`re My Sweety"
  7. "Special Day (For ZE:A`s)"
  8. "Begin With Kiss"
  9. "Daily Daily"
  10. "St-Dagger (비틀비틀)"
  11. "One"
  12. "Someday (별이 되어...)"
CD 2
  1. "Heart For 2"
  2. "Phoenix"
  3. "Breath (숨소리)"
  4. "The Ghost of Wind (바람의 유령)"
  5. "Never End"
  6. "Watch Out!"
  7. "Body To Body"
  8. "Dirty Cat"
  9. "Wobble (삐끗 삐끗)"
  10. "Aftermath (후유증)"
  11. "Step By Step"
  12. "Continue"

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