For DIA, formerly of Kiss&Cry, see DIA (singer).

DIA (다이아; short for Diamond, also known as Do It Amazing) is a nine-member girl group under MBK Entertainment. They debuted on September 14, 2015 with the album Do It Amazing.


On March 7, 2016, MBK announced the addition of a new member, Eunchae (introduced with her real name Chaewon) and confirmed they were currently preparing for a comeback.

On April 13, 2016, MBK announced that Seunghee's contract with the company would come to an end on April 30, and she decided not to renew.

On April 5, 2017, it was announced that Jooeun and Somyi were added as new members to the group.

MBK Entertainment announced that Yebin and Somyi will be participating in KBS's idol rebooting project The Unit. The group will continue to promote with seven members due Yebin and Somyi on hiatus.


  • Eunice (유니스) - main vocals, lead dance
  • Jooeun (주은) - main vocals
  • Heehyun (희현) (Cathy (캐시)) - main rap, lead dance, sub vocals, leader
  • Jenny (제니) - sub vocals, visuals
  • Yebin (예빈) - main vocals
  • Eunjin (은진) - main dance, lead rap, sub vocals
  • Chaeyeon (채연) - visuals, sub vocals
  • Eunchae (은채) - lead vocals
  • Somyi (솜이) - lead vocals, maknae
  • Seunghee (승희) - main vocals, leader



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  • Through a poll voted by the fans, it was determined a fan of the group would be called an "AID."
  • Before their YOLO album was released, they flew over to Japan and filmed a reality show called "YOLO Trip" where they were able to go sightseeing and visit popular places based on their luck.


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