EXO-CBX (엑소-첸백시, also known as CBX) is the first sub-unit of the boy group EXO. They debuted on October 31, 2016 with their first mini-album Hey Mama!.



  • EXO-CBX / ChenBaekXi (Internacional)
  • 엑소-첸백시 (egso-chenbaegsi) in Korea.
  • エクソ - チェンベク時 (Ekuso - chenbeku-ji) in Japan.
  • ¿Why 'CBX'?: Those are the initials of the members: 'C'hen, 'B'aekhyun & 'X'iumin.


  • In Korea: October 31st, with Hey Mama!
  • In Japan: May 24th, with Ka-Ching!



The members are introduced through a VCR in Exo Planet #3 - The Exo'rdium.

2016: Debut with their first mini-album 'Hey Mama!'

On October 5th, SM Entertainment announced that EXO would have their first sub-unit, composed by Chen, Baek Hyun and Xiumin, and their debut was going to be in late October.

On October 21st, SM Entertainment released their first teaser, which was called HOT DEBUT : EXO'S FIRST UNIT.

On October 23rd, the sub-unit released the OST of the drama Scarlet Ryo, 'For You', in the Busan Asia One Festival.  

On October 24th, SM Entertainment announced the name of the sub-unit: EXO-CBX.   October 30th: SM Ent releases the teaser of 'Hey Mama!'.

2017: Debut in Japan.

On May 10th,through the official japanese EXO account on Twitter, SM Entertainment announced that EXO-CBX was going to have a Japanese debut during late May.


  • Xiumin - leader, main dancer, main rapper, lead vocalist
  • Baekhyun - main vocalist, lead rapper.
  • Chen - maknae, main vocalist.



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Mini albums


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