EXO-CBX (엑소-첸백시, also known as CBX) is the first sub-unit of the boy group EXO. They debuted on October 31, 2016 with their first mini-album Hey Mama!.



The members were introduced through a VCR in Exo Planet #3 - The Exo'rdium.

2016: Debut in Korea

On October 5th, SM Entertainment announced that EXO would have their first sub-unit, composed by Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin, debuting in late October.

On October 21st, SM Entertainment released their first teaser, which was called HOT DEBUT : EXO'S FIRST UNIT.

On October 23rd, the sub-unit released the OST of the drama Scarlet Ryo, "For You", in the Busan Asia One Festival.  

On October 24th, SM Entertainment announced the name of the sub-unit: EXO-CBX.

On October 30th was released teaser of "Hey Mama!".

2017: Debut in Japan

On May 10th, through the official Japanese EXO Twitter account, SM Entertainment announced that EXO-CBX was going to have a Japanese debut during late May.


  • Xiumin - leader, main dancer, main rapper, lead vocalist
  • Baekhyun - main vocalist, lead rapper.
  • Chen - maknae, main vocalist.



Mini albums



Mini albums


  • "Final Life OST" ("Cry") (2017)


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