"Gravity" is the second single album by KNK. It was released on May 25, 2017 with "Sun, Moon, Star" serving as the single's title track.

A repackage titled "Gravity, Completed" was released on July 20, 2017, with "Rain" as the title track.

Track list

  1. "Think About You" - 1:26
  2. "Love You (너무예뻐)" - 2:59
  3. "Sun, Moon, Star (해,달,별)" - 3:28
  4. "Sun, Moon, Star (해,달,별) (Inst.)" - 3:28
Gravity, Completed
  1. "Rain (비)" - 3:27
  2. "Good Night (이 밤이 지나면)" - 3:02
  3. "Feel So Good" - 3:18
  4. "Think About You" - 1:26
  5. "Love You (너무예뻐)" - 2:59
  6. "Sun, Moon, Star (해,달,별)" - 3:28


  • The choreography for the title track "Sun, Moon, Star" was arranged by Kim Ji Hun.
Gravity, Completed
  • "Good Night" was written and co-composed by Kim You Jin.
  • "Feel So Good" was written and co-composed by Oh Hee Jun.

Video links

Gravity, Completed

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