Holland (홀랜드) is a South Korean singer. He debuted on January 22, 2018 with the single "Neverland". He is the first openly gay idol to debut in the Korean music industry.[2]


He is a student of Seoul Institute of the Arts[3], where previously celebrities such as Yoo Jae Suk or Lu Han have studied.


Digital singles


  • His first song "Neverland" gained a lot of attention and support from international fans.
  • He's interested in photography. Pictures are a way of communication for him.
  • His favourite colours are black, white, gold and red.
  • He likes British pop.
  • Although he has pet allergy, he likes cats and dogs.
  • His official fandom (as declared by him on Twitter) is Harlings.
  • He is active on social media like Twitter and Instagram.




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