Hwa Sa (화사) is a South Korean singer. She is the maknae member of the girl group MAMAMOO and is the group's lead rapper and vocalist.



  • Ja Mezz - "Drinks Up" (feat. Hwa Sa) (2015)
  • Kisum - "Love Talk" (feat. Hwa Sa) (2015)
  • Primary - "Mileage" (feat. Paloalto, Hwa Sa) (2016)


  • She has known Whee In since middle school.
  • She is a large fan of the American singer Rihanna.
  • She's the group's cook due to her love of cooking.
  • After she played a musical role as “Patzzi” back in elementary school, she started working in the music industry. One of her supposed stage name was "PowG" which sounds similar to her musical role.
  • Her stage name, Hwasa, means shining brightly in Korean. She chose this name because her birth name, Hyejin, is too common in Korea.
  • An incident during the live broadcast of Music Bank gave her the nickname 화사자 (Hwa-Saja), or Hwa-lion. The reason is that her hair got stuck on her headband, and it raised her hair up, making it look like a lion's mane. It became a running gag between the members and the fans. Coincidentally, her zodiac sign is Leo, the lion.
  • It was revealed that she is sensitive when it comes to height.
  • She is the third tallest in MAMAMOO with 160 cm. (5'2")