iKON is a seven-member boy group under YG Entertainment. They were first introduced through the reality show WIN: Who Is Next as Team B in which they lost to Team A (who later became WINNER). They appeared again on the show MIX & MATCH and officially debuted on September 15, 2015.


  • Jay (제이) (formerly Jinhwan (진환)) - vocals
  • Song (송) (formerly Yunhyeong (윤형)) - vocals
  • Bobby (바비) - lead rapper
  • B.I (비아이) - leader, main rapper, lead dancer
  • DK (도겸) (formerly Donghyuk (동혁)) - vocals, main dancer
  • Ju-Ne (준회) - vocals
  • Chan (찬) (formerly Chanwoo (찬우)) - vocals, maknae



Studio albums

Single albums

Digital singles


Studio albums

Mini albums

Best albums

Live albums

  • 2016 iKON iKONcert 'Showtime' Tour in Seoul Live CD (2016)


  • 2015-2016 iKONcert 'Showtime' in Seoul Live DVD (2016)
  • iKONcert 2016 Showtime Tour in Japan (2016)
  • Kony's Summertime (2016)
  • 2016 iKON Season's Greetings (2016)
  • iKON Japan Tour 2016 (2017)
  • Kony's Wintertime (2017)


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