KARD (카드) is a four-member co-ed group under DSP Media. They officially debuted on July 19, 2017 with their first mini album Hola Hola. Prior to their debut, the group released three pre-debut singles: "K.A.R.D Project Vol.1 "Oh NaNa"" on December 13, 2016, followed by "Don't Recall" in February 2017 and "Rumor" in April 2017.

Their name stands for King, Ace, JokeR, & HiDden.


  • BM (비엠) - main dancer, lead rapper, vocal
  • Jeon Jiwoo (전지우) - main dancer, lead vocal, rapper, maknae
  • J.Seph (제이셉) - main rapper, lead dancer, vocal
  • Jeon Somin (전소민) - main vocal, dancer, visual
"Hidden" Concept

Hidden is a special version of any released song by K.A.R.D.

  • Youngji (영지) in "Oh NaNa"
  • English lyrics in "Don't Recall"
  • Z.Sun, the choreographer of K.A.R.D in "Rumor"


Mini albums

Digital singles


  • "The Lovebirds 2 OST" (2017)



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