Love & Letter is the first full-length album by SEVENTEEN. It was released on April 25, 2016 with "Pretty U" as the album's title track. A repackage titled Love & Letter Repackage Album was released on July 4, 2016 with "Very Nice" serving as the follow-up track.

Track list

  1. "Chuck (엄지척)"
  2. "Pretty U (예쁘다)"
  3. "Still Lonely (이놈의)"
  4. "Hit Song (유행가)"
  5. "Say Yes"
  6. "Drift Away (떠내려가)"
  7. "Adore U (아낀다) (Vocal team ver.)"
  8. "Mansae (만세) (Hip-hop team ver.)"
  9. "Shining Diamond (Performance team ver.)"
  10. "Love Letter (사랑쪽지)"
Love & Letter Repackage Album
  1. "No F.U.N"
  2. "Very Nice (아주 Nice)"
  3. "Healing (힐링)"
  4. "Simple"
  5. "Space (끝이 안보여)"
  6. "Chuck (엄지척)"
  7. "Pretty U (예쁘다)"
  8. "Still Lonely (이놈의)"
  9. "Hit Song (유행가)"
  10. "Say Yes"
  11. "Drift Away (떠내려가)"
  12. "Adore U (아낀다) (Vocal team ver.)"
  13. "Mansae (만세) (Hip-hop team ver.)"
  14. "Shining Diamond (Performance team ver.)"
  15. "Love Letter (사랑쪽지)"

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