Loveless is the first mini-album by Gummy. It was released on April 29, 2010 in South Korea. The album was also released in Japan as her Japanese debut mini-album, which features Japanese versions of her Korean discography. Two of the Korean versions from the album made it on the Japanese version: There is No Love (retitled "Love is a Lie") and As a Man (named "Aishite ne" or "Love Me"). It charted for two weeks, peaking #59 on the Oricon charts.

Track list


  1. "그만 헤어져 (Let's Break Up)"
  2. "Because Of You"
  3. "사랑은 없다 (There Is No Love)"
  4. "남자라서 (Because You're a Man)"
  5. "어떡해 (What Can I Do)"
  6. "누구세요 (Who Are You?)" (feat. Bigtone)


  1. "愛してね (Aishite ne, Love Me)"
  2. "Love Recipe"
  3. "ゴメンネ (Gomen ne, I'm Sorry)" (feat. T.O.P)
  4. "Love is a Lie"
  5. "忘れてほしい (Wasurete Hoshii, I Want to Forget)"
  6. "きれいなあなた (Kirei na Anata, Beautiful You)"


  1. ゴメンネ (feat. T.O.P) Video Clip
  2. ゴメンネ (feat. T.O.P) Short Movie