Sana (사나) is a Japanese singer under JYP Entertainment. She is a member of the girl group TWICE.


Music video appearances


  • Sana is an only child.
  • Sana got cast to JYP while she was shopping with her friends. She passed the audition on April 13, 2012.
  • Sana ranked 21st in the “100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017”.
  • She is scared of thunder.
  • She is the clumsiest in the group.
  • Sana’s hobbies are collecting perfumes and body mist.
  • Sana likes yogurt smoothies but hates eggplants and beans.
  • Sana likes the colors purple, pink, white, black and beige.
  • Sana has a scar from when she went to go eat with Mina and Momo. She burned herself on a doenjang-jjigae bowl.
  • Her specialty is untangling knots and calligraphy
  • She gained attention for her line "shy shy shy" in "Cheer Up", which became widely popular in Korea