Sunny (써니) is a South Korean singer. She is a lead vocalist of the girl group Girls' Generation.



  • "I Love You, I Love You" (with Miryo) (2012)
  • "Heart Throbbing" (with Rooftop House Studio) (2015)
  • "U&I" (with Henry) (2017)


  • "Working Mom OST" ("You Don't Know About Love") (2008)
  • "Story of Wine OST" ("Finally Now") (2009)
  • "Heading to the Ground OST" ("It's Love" with Taeyeon) (2009)
  • "Oh! My Lady OST" ("Your Doll") (2010)
  • "To The Beautiful You OST" ("It's Me" with Luna) (2012)
  • "The Queen's Classroom OST" ("The 2nd Drawer") (2013)


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