Tao (타오; also known as Z.Tao) is a Chinese rapper, singer, actor, and martial artist. He was a member of the boy group EXO and their subgroup EXO-M. He left the group in August 2015 after filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract citing health concerns, making the third Chinese member to do so after Kris and Luhan who left EXO the previous year.

Since leaving, he has been active in China as soloist.


Studio albums

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Digital singles


  • "I'm the Sovereign" (2015)
  • Edge of Innocence ("19 Years Old") (2016)
  • "Legend of Naga Pearls" ("Still in Time") (2017)


  • Tao was one of the Chinese members of EXO along with Lay, Kris and Luhan.


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